Whom does ERCA serve?
ERCA serves high school students looking ahead to explore options for their higher education, career, and employment. We connect students and parents with educators, counselors, colleges and universities, and professional organizations and associations,  all for the benefit of the student.
What is ERCA’s main purpose?
Our purpose is to facilitate high school students’ exploration of careers, post-secondary education options, and future employment, and to help parents and educators guide students to make informed decisions about their future.
What does the “Research” of ERCA refer to?
Educational Research Center of America (ERCA) conducts voluntary surveys that ask high school students throughout the U.S. about their interests, courses of study, and after school activities. This information is used to help connect students with institutions of higher education, and youth development organizations. We also generate an annual Student Survey Report detailing academic and career trends.
Where can students or parents complete the ERCA Secondary School Student Survey?
Paper surveys are distributed in high school classrooms across the U.S. and students have the option of completing them. We are in the process of making it possible for students and parents to fill out the Survey online.
What types of questions does the Survey ask?
The ERCA Secondary School Student Survey asks questions correlated with the U.S. Labor Department’s Guide for Occupational Exploration. We concentrate on the major fields of study and degrees offered by colleges and universities across the United States, as well as on issues of campus living.
What resources does ERCA provide to help students and their parents?
On our website, you may connect with our growing base of resources that provide information and planning tools about a wide range of educational options, careers, and scholarship information. All of these resources facilitate the exploration and information gathering process for students, their parents, and school counselors. ERCA also has its own scholarship program to help students further their education.
How does ERCA help parents and counselors guide students?
Through the information we provide, and our relationships with other organizations, we act as a liaison between students, parents, institutions of higher education, and professional organizations. We also have created a community for students called Grad2Career where students can link to articles and videos that address relevant issues about what comes next after high school.
How does ERCA help students further their education?
In addition to providing resources to connect students and parents with institutions of higher education, the ERCA Scholarship Program helps students defray the costs of college.  We are proud of our more than 15 year history of awarding more than a quarter of a million dollars in scholarships to students who have made positive contributions to their communities.
How does ERCA stimulate career opportunities for students?
After the student participates in our voluntary survey, colleges and universities, career and technical institutions and professional organizations may contact the student and provide them with information about possible employment options and educational pathways to careers.
How does ERCA facilitate students’ connections with higher-educational institutions?
We share the results of our research with a wide variety of institutions of higher learning, and as a result these colleges and universities may reach out to students to recruit those students with the qualifications and/or interests identified in the ERCA Secondary School Student Survey.
Are the scholarships only for college or can the money be used for other purposes?
ERCA scholarships are paid directly to the college, university, or other higher-educational institution that the student attends and may be used to defray the incidental costs of their post-secondary education.
What qualifies a student for a scholarship? What are the specific criteria for evaluation?
We have a history of rewarding students for making extraordinary contributions to their community and/or school.  For specific criteria and to apply for a scholarship please click here.
Who evaluates scholarship applications?
Teachers and other educators serve on our review panel to evaluate our scholarship applications to select the most deserving awardees.
Who has access to the information ERCA collects about students?
Non-personally identifiable information collected through the Survey is compiled in ERCA’s Annual Secondary School Student Survey Report. 
Personally identifiable data provided in response to the survey will be released to Colleges, Universities and other post-secondary schools, as well as other educational entities that wish to communicate useful and pertinent information to high school students.  It will also be shared with ASL Marketing, LLC, a for-profit company which, among other things, is engaged in providing student data to commercial entities that want to contact high school students, including student organizations, and businesses that market consumer products and services of particular interest to them. Students, or parents of students, who have completed the Survey may opt out of these uses at any time with an email to info@studentresearch.org;  or by opting out here. Student-specific information is never made available to the general public.
What’s the best way for parents to contact ERCA?
Parents or students may contact us at info@studentresearch.org.

We are located at 2 Dubon Court, Farmingdale, NY 11735, 516-586-1003.